Skinz Heritage Anti Cellulite Treatment

Do you know that cellulite is a collection of fat cells which accumulatively will become stubborn fats? These unsightly build ups will become 'hard' fats and thus need to be treated. Skinz Heritage uses a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine acupoints massage and our anti cellulite machine to soften these collections of stubborn fats.

Skinz Heritage Intense Fat Burning Treatment

As the name describes, Skinz Heritage intense fat burning treatment uses our latest technology machine which produces frequency waves to 'burn' down the layers of 'soft' fats. This treatment works best after the 'hard' fats are 'converted' to 'soft' fats.

Skinz Heritage Body Wrapping

Skinz Heritage's body wrap has a cooling effect which effectively helps to tighten and firmup sagging and tired skin. Imaging putting a mask on your face after long day, that's how your body yearn to be treated too.